The rise of German nationalism

We’re in Coburg, Germany, visting friends for a few days. I was in Germany during the 2002 World Cup, and vividly remember that in the streets of Berlin there were more Turkish flags after a Turkish victory than there were German flags after the German team won a game.

This time, the Germans don’t seem anywhere near as flag-shy. German flags festoon cars, balconies and houses. My friends tell me there’s been some nervous reaction to it from the older generation, but young folk just want to getting on being proud to be German.

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2 Responses to The rise of German nationalism

  1. Andrew Norton says:

    I visited both Germany and England recently, where the children of people I visited (aged 4-7) were very keen on the flags but their educated parents still a little embarrassed by flag waving.

  2. Matt Cowgill says:

    I think that’s fairly common… I have a photo of a five year-old version of myself waving a boxing kangaroo with manic enthusiasm during the 1987 America’s Cup while my parents wince slightly in the background.

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