Young Parent Forums

Daniel Donahoo, an OzProspect fellow, has been writing a lot about parenting over recent years. Now, he’s also doing some interesting activist work.

NSW Young Parents Forum Series 

OzProspect, in partnership with the NSW Department of Community Services and Copeland Publishing syndicate (publisher’s of Sydney’s Child and Melbourne’s Child) will be running the 2006 NSW Young Parents Forums. 

The aim of the forum is to hear young NSW parent’s experiences of the service support system and document their issues and ideas to help service providers better meet the needs of young parents. 

This project has developed out of OzProspect Fellow, Daniel Donahoo’s research into young Australian parents. In the background paper, Young Parents: capable, mature and articulating their needs, Donahoo says:  

“Young parents are valuable assets. The natural enthusiasm and energy of youth are great benefits when starting a family. If the community environment is positive, young parents are less demanding of services, and at least as capable as older parents of balancing the challenges of life while raising young children.” 

OzProspect will be producing a final report after the Forums that is intended to inform both youth policy and child and family policy within the NSW Department of Community Services. 

The three forums will be held in Albury (22 August), Newcastle (31 August) and Sydney (1 September).  

For further information, media inquiries or application forms please contact Daniel Donahoo, OzProspect Fellow, donahoo AT ozprospect DOT org  

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