Liberté to Choose

I posted the other day on the surprising number of flags in the streets of Germany. We’ve been in Paris for the past few days (I’m currently surfing off the Sorbonne’s wireless network), and the surprising thing here is that there’s not a French flag to be seen. If you weren’t watching the news, you’d never have known they just took silver in the World Cup.

Another interesting snippet – I had dinner with a coauthor last night, who’s visiting at the newly created “Ecole d’Economie of Paris”. In many other European countries, the economics PhD programs have been taught in English for years. Now France is taking the plunge.

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2 Responses to Liberté to Choose

  1. Sacha says:

    This morning in Martin Place there was what looked like a Bastille Day French/Australie laying of flowers at the statues of the soldiers.

  2. Patrick says:

    Serious economics in France has been in English for years now – ever since the Treasury decided to write in English and then translate on the basis that the papers were discussed in Brussels in English anyway. The intellectual (and massively unread) Figaro and Monde were aghast, but shit happened, and apparently, still does.

    I’m looking forwards to getting to France in about a month, but I doubt I will think much about economics, or indeed anything beyond my tummy (and of course old friends, of course, you are why we’re really going!) whilst there 😉

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