Flightless birds and long white clouds

The New Zealand Institute has just released a paper entitled The flight of the Kiwi: Going global from the end of the world (PDF). A snippet:

Achieving much improved levels of exporting and outward FDI will require meaningful action from both business and government. The government can and should be doing much more to support firms that want to go global from a New Zealand base. But success also requires a pipeline of New Zealand firms with the capacity and the aspiration to go global.

This report proposes that targets for exporting and outward FDI be specified, and also identifies and outlines four areas for meaningful business and government action to generate a substantial and sustained improvement in the level of New Zealand’s international economic activity.

I’m not sure that I’m convinced by the basic premise (I think developed economies should be going for growth, regardless of whether or not it involves selling stuff to foreigners), but the report makes fascinating reading nonetheless. Most surprising statistic – 16% of New Zealanders (and 24% of highly skilled New Zealanders) live overseas.

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  1. Joel Parsons says:

    I think it ws Bernard Salt who made the point a few months ago that if current trends continue, in a year or two’s time more Kiwis will live in Australia than in the South Island.

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