Facts vs fear

One of the great things about being in the US is being able to watch the C-SPAN channel. Last night, it carried Bill Clinton’s July 24 speech supporting Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut primary. It’s a terrific speech, and if a transcript turns up, I highly recommend reading it. At the end, a bit that caught my ears was Clinton discussing science policy, and then casting the Democrats as the party that believes in evidence over ideology (he then said something like “of course we have a philosophy, but we’re pragmatic and evidence-based on how to achieve it”). It was the first time I’d heard this line used in a political campaign.

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2 Responses to Facts vs fear

  1. Week By Week says:

    We too can thoughly recommend C-SPAN. Informative with a great range of speakers, interviewees and panelists. Pitty a similar offering is not available here

  2. Sacha says:

    I enjoyed C-SPAN when in New York.

    I’d like both major political parties here to adopt a similar line – evidence based policies…

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