Spot the hot spot

In an earlier discussion about wi-fi in the US, a commenter posted a question about free wi-fi hot spots in Australia.

Hi Andrew,
I’m a geriatric granny who visits Australia each year from the UK and brings a laptop which runs on Windows 98. Because it doesn’t have an ethernet socket, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find an outlet which will allow me to use a dial-up connection (I do have an Oz ISP) so I’ve recently had a PC card installed which should give me WiFi access. The big problem is where am I going to find outlets to use it? I was under the impression that McDonalds was a useful source but can’t get any further information.
Any help you can offer will be most gratefully received!
Thanks, Norma, Preston UK

Any ideas?

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4 Responses to Spot the hot spot

  1. Tim says:

    Worth pointing out that the north end of the city of Adelaide is ‘wired’ for free wifi, anywhere along North Terrace. This is being extended to the entire CBD as we speak.

  2. Robert says:

    The cafe strip in Fremantle has free wireless internet access. At least, it did last time I was there; the guy who set it up has moved overseas, but I’m pretty sure it’s still up and running.

    In Perth, the best free wireless is at Grind, a cafe on the lower level of the Trinity Arcade, which runs between Hay St and St Georges Tce. Great coffee, too.

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