Billboard Beazley

I flew into Canberra from Perth tonight (it’s a surprisingly quick trip – just 3 3/4 hours). The usual billboards in Canberra airport invite you to buy a destroyer or a new missile system (are there really people who read these and say, “hmm, that F-22 does sound tempting, maybe I’ll hold out on the JSF after all”).

But the latest isn’t advertising defence hardware, it’s advertising a former defence minister. The billboard as you leave the airport shows a picture of Kim Beazley tearing the new workplace laws, and promising to scrap them if/when Labor wins office.

Given that Labor comfortably holds both lower-house federal seats in the ACT, there are two possible explanations for the ad. One is that the share of swinging voters in nearby Eden-Monaro who fly regularly is larger than I’d thought. Another is that this ad is akin to placing political advertisements on Sunday morning talk-shows: aimed not at marginal voters, but to announce to the political class ‘we’re here’.

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3 Responses to Billboard Beazley

  1. Andrew Norton says:

    Andrew – In addition to the Eden-Monaro voters who fly, there are those who drive into Canberra each day using the road by the airport. But I suspect your theory that it is aimed at the political class is right.

  2. Andrew Leigh says:

    Andrew, the billboard can only be seen as you’re exiting the airport.

  3. Andrew Norton says:

    In that case, your political class theory is the only plausible explanation.

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