Silly hat, smart bloke

Professor Richard Freeman, one of the people who taught me labour economics, and perhaps the most prolific writer in the economics profession, is giving a seminar at Sydney University on Thursday. Details:

Title: “Experimental Economics on Inequality”
Time: 4 pm, Thursday 24 August
Place: Rm 498, Merewether Building, Butlin Avenue (off City Road), University of Sydney
Cost: It’s free, man.

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5 Responses to Silly hat, smart bloke

  1. Troy Bramston says:

    Andrew surely you are the most prolific writer in the economics profession

  2. Andrew Leigh says:

    I’m afraid I’m a long way away on this one. Richard has 400 articles and 25 books.

  3. Damien Eldridge says:


    Its not jusrt that Prof Freeman is prolofic. It is that he writes a lot of stuff that is of very high quality!!!

    How does he compare with Harry Johnson, who apparently also produced a lot of very high quality work?



  4. Damien,

    The main differences are that Freeman is less of a drunk and wears silliler hats.

    Andrew, why does he wear that hat?

  5. Andrew Leigh says:

    Nicholas, it’s not just one hat – Richard has dozens. But as you say, they’re all silly.

    I guess the answer is that when you’re very very smart, you can get away with pretty much anything.

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