Bring the grandkids

Susan Mayer, Dean of the Harris School at the University of Chicago, is speaking on intergenerational inheritance of income at 5.30pm on Thursday 31 August at the National Museum. Here are the details, and a PDF flyer.

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  1. Fred Argy says:

    Thanks Andrew. I will try to get there if possible. In my recent discussion paper I cite the Mayer Lopoo article of 2005 and note that it is one of the few studies showing an upward trend in mobility in the USA – which she attributes to increased government investment in early education. Most other studies show the trend as stable (or even declining). I also comment in my paper that their results are fragile because the sample is small and the time period limited. But she may have refined her analysis since then.

    If I can’t get there, perhaps someone could ask Susan Mayer how she sees the trend relative to the Nordic countries. .

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