Grand idea?

Who said there was no money in policymaking? The IPAA (often confused with the IPA) is happily giving it away.

2006 Sir George Murray Award

The Sir George Murray Award is Australia’s most prestigious essay competition in public administration. We are seeking entries from creative thinkers who can demonstrate original and inspired thinking, analytical writing and debate on issues in Australian public administration.

The winner of First prize will be awarded the Sir George Murray Award trophy, a $1,000 cheque, and their winning paper will be published in the Australia Journal of Public Administration.

Award criteria and terms and conditions are available on the IPAA web site at

Entries close 5pm Friday 3 November 2006.

Interestingly, Wikipedia doesn’t yet have an entry on this particular George Murray (the former Chief Justice of South Australia).

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2 Responses to Grand idea?

  1. Borofkin says:

    Wikipedia has an article on everything.

    Of course, some are hastily cobbled together when someone observes that a particular article doesn’t exist.

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