I was in Sydney last night for the filming of next week’s SBS Insight show, dealing with teachers and schools reform (for those who haven’t seen the program, it’s a cross between Jerry Springer and Lateline). It’s invariably entertaining to see how a show like this comes together. The key players were Education Minister Julie Bishop and the head of the Australian Education Union, Pat Byrne. Both are charismatic, experienced advocates, who do very well in a forum like this one. There were no state education ministers (indeed, no elected ALP representatives), which was odd given that if Bishop’s merit pay plan gets through, they’ll be the ones implementing it.

My favourite guests were Elizabeth Stone, a Rhodes scholar now teaching at Barker College (whose personal story was written up in the SMH a couple of years ago), and the extraordinary John Fleming, now principal of Haileybury College in Melbourne, who received a DEST award this year for turning around literacy and numeracy scores in Bellfield Primary School, one of the most disadvantaged schools in Melbourne.

Beyond discussing my study with Chris Ryan on declining literacy and numeracy among new teachers, I didn’t say much (like a good schoolboy, I had my hand up, but Ms Brockie didn’t pick me). The show will go to air on Tue 26 Sept at 7.30pm. Look for the continuity cut at the 20 minute mark, when Julie Bishop’s mobile phone started ringing and they had to stop filming.

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  1. Andrew Norton says:

    Having turned up to an Insight recording session once, then ended up on the cutting room floor, I decided never again. Even if you do get to air, a few minutes on a low-rating show is not worth the travel time.

  2. Russell Hamilton says:

    See it’s that economist measuring thing again: travel time divided by number of airtime minutes equals ???? What about the quality of the audience you might affect?

    Insight is so entertaining I even watched that repeat last night.

    AL how come your paper on teacher quality won’t “Save As” – do I have to print it out and scan it to get an electronic copy?

  3. Russell Hamilton says:

    I take it back – moved to another PC and it copied and saved OK.

  4. nick says:

    I went to Insight with my adopted brother for the episode on adoption. the host had made up her mind about adoption before the show had even started and proceeded to allow the converstaion to be dominated by the two people in the room with the most to say about hteir negative experience. the most insightful comment was made by a young adopted man who had lots of wonderful things to say about his own experience. He ended up on the cutting room floor. Just bc its SBS, and just becausee they invite a borad range of people, does not mean that the show is not editorialised.

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