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Standards based pay vs performance pay

Kim Beazley has been characterised by some in the media as being in favour of performance pay. Which is odd, because last Friday, he said that he opposed it: Julie Bishop says the Government supports so-called “merit pay”. What do … Continue reading

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A tale of two religion clauses

My wife, an American, was gobsmacked when I read out the story from today’s paper that the Australian government is spending $90 million to put chaplains in schools. To most Americans, the idea that the government would use public funds to … Continue reading

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Government Managing Risk

My colleague Professor Bruce Chapman has a new book out on income-contingent loans, entitled Government Managing Risk: Income-Contingent Loans for Social and Economic Progress. The book discusses ways in which the HECS model for student loans could be applied to … Continue reading

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Back on the Blog

Returning from Fraser Island, where my wife and I eloped for a few days to celebrate her 30th birthday, I discover I’ve missed 150 emails, a couple of dozen blog comments, and a -2 degree cold snap in Canberra. It may … Continue reading

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More evidence on teacher merit pay

Individual Teacher Incentives And Student Performance by David N. Figlio, Lawrence Kenny  This paper is the first to systematically document the relationship between individual teacher performance incentives and student achievement using United States data.  We combine data from the National … Continue reading

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The new Australian federal minimum wage is $511.86/week or $13.47/hour

The Australian Fair Pay Commission has handed down its first decision. The Australian Fair Pay Commission has announced its Federal Minimum Wage decision for October 2006. The Commission announced an increase of $27.36 per week for minimum wage rates up … Continue reading

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Did the buyback lower gun suicides?

Discussing the Baker & McPhedran paper, commenter “Ungrateful Troublemaker” asks: Suicides: Shootings, hangings (whether vertical or assisted horizontal), leaps from high bridges and medication overdoses are rather obvious but what about death-by-motor-vehicle? An area that, for a lot of reasons, … Continue reading

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