Yet another talk on randomised policy trials

I’m speaking at 4pm next Monday at the Government Policy Innovation conference in Sydney. If you or your organisation has a spare $2634, I’ll look forward to seeing you there. Otherwise, this is the paper I’ll be talking about.

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2 Responses to Yet another talk on randomised policy trials

  1. Fred Argy says:

    Andrew this is a very interesting paper which will be very useful to policy makers and advisers, especially those loking at welfare, training and active labour market programs. These are designed to produce early results and there are many indicators which can be used.

    But you also indicate that randomised policy trials could have application to early childhood programs. Such social programs can only be evaluated against their “ultimate goals” such as long-term employment and earnings outcomes of the children over their liftetimes. This in turn requires longitudinal studies. Are randomised policy trials used for programs with such long gestation periods?

  2. Andrew Leigh says:

    Fred, the randomised early childhood interventions – Perry Preschool, Elmira, the Abecedarian Project – are some of the most famous randomised trials (see this AIFS paper for a neat review). The odd thing is that forty years after the Americans started running randomised early childhood interventions, none of the state or federal governments prattling on about early childhood in Australia have the gumption to even start one here.

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