Minimum Wages #1

Next Wednesday (Nov 15), I’ll be speaking at a Melbourne University forum on minimum wages, in the illustrious company of labour economists experts David Card and Mark Wooden. Details over the fold.

The University of Melbourne Department of Economics
Public Lecture
“Does the Australian Fair Pay Commission Matter?”

Dr Andrew Leigh (Research School of Social Sciences, ANU)
Professor David Card (Department of Economics, University of California at Berkeley)
Professor Mark Wooden (Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic & Social Research, University of Melbourne)

Responsibility for setting minimum wages in Australia now rests with the Australian Fair Pay Commission. Discussion of the consequences of this policy reform have ranged from predicting major stimulus to employment to dire effects on the welfare of low income workers. In this lecture, three leading economists known for their research on minimum wages and the Australian industrial relations system will provide their perspectives on this issue. Dr Andrew Leigh (ANU) has undertaken important research on the effects of minimum wage changes on employment and the income distribution in Australia. Professor David Card (Berkeley) is one of the world’s leading labour economists whose research on the effects of minimum wages in the 1990s in the United States sparked an international debate. Professor Mark Wooden (University of Melbourne) has made major contributions to research on labour markets in Australia, and is highly regarded for his analysis of industrial relations policy.

Wednesday 15 November, 2006
5:30pm sharp, Prince Philip Theatre,
Architecture Building & Planning
Light refreshments will be served

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