Metaphysical transitions

I tend to be sceptical of international reports that put any Australian university in the world’s top 20, but one exception is the ANU philosophy group, which is extraordinarily impressive. The carefully-constructed Philosophical Gourmet lists them as the 15th best faculty in the English-speaking world. One of its stars is Frank Jackson, who has just announced that he will be stepping down as Director of the ANU’s Research School of Social Sciences to go back to research and take up a half-time appointment at Princeton (Brian Leiter and David Chalmers have more). It’s a sensible decision for him, but a shame for the rest of us in RSSS, since Frank is also a great administrator.

An aside: Any philosophers contemplating a move downunder may be interested to know that ANU RSSS philosophy is now advertising 2-3 research-only positions, and 2-3 postdocs. See David Chalmers’ blog for details.

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  1. Peter says:

    Andrew — This post made me think that you may be interested in h-numbers, a measure of individual research activity which seeks to assess both research impact (as measured by citations) and research productivity (as measured by number of published papers). For an individual researcher, the h-number is defined by:

    h = largest number n such that the researcher has n published papers, each with at least n citations.

    To calculate someone’s h-number using the publications known to google scholar, see this page:

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