Conference on the Economics of Teacher Quality, 5 Feb 2007

I’m running a teacher quality conference on 5 February 2007 at the Australian National University, featuring three international speakers:

And three Australian speakers:

Since one of the aims of the conference is to stimulate more research on the economics of teacher quality, I’m making attendance free for full-time staff and students at Australian universities, but charging for other attendees. The links to the relevant flyers are below.

Registrations close 22 January 2007, but earlybirds are encouraged.

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  1. Dan Hamermesh has a paper that suggests that the attractiveness of the instructor has an impact on student evaluations. More attractive instructors tend to get better evaluations, all else equal!!! Perhaps the government should subsidise gym memberships, grooming services and the like for academics? (Lets ignore the cost side of the calculation for the moment!!!) 😉

    The paper by Dan Hamermesh is available online (along with at least some, and maybe all, of his other beauty papers) at the following website: .

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