Bearded beauties

One of the things Amy King and I noted in looking at beauty ratings was how badly candidates with facial hair were rated. So it occurred to me this afternoon that if people really love their beards, maybe they don’t run for the House of Representatives – but go instead for the Senate, where looks are less important. A quick scan of the photos for both houses reveals that while 10% of male Senators have facial hair (5/49), only 9% of men in the House of Reps have facial hair (10/113). The difference isn’t not statistically significant, but hey – neither are most of the opinion poll shifts you see reported in the press these days…

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3 Responses to Bearded beauties

  1. Sinclair says:

    Are female senators more hirsute? Perhaps you could look at the gap between the eyebrows!

  2. Am I able to get a copy of your findings about ‘beauty politicians’ report you did for Australia. I would like to read this report – could I use this to show your findings with our politicians in New Zealand?

  3. Andrew Leigh says:

    Leonie, thanks for your interest. All my papers are on my academic website. That one is here.

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