Reporting on our beauty study today, an article in The Australian contained the following paragraph:

But despite the study’s finding that good looks can swing elections in marginal seats, politicians – including Mr Howard, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, Attorney-General Philip Ruddock and Labor leader Kevin Rudd – rated the ugliest by participants are also the most successful.

For the record, Mr Ruddock’s spokesman said last night that photographs of him as a youngster demonstrated the frontbencher to be quite “dashing”.

At the outset, Amy and I weren’t quite sure how best to conduct the project, so we started asking everyone possible for how-to-vote cards. One of those who helped out was Malcolm Mackerras, who mailed me his entire collection to scan in. Among them was a mid-1970s how-to-vote card for Philip Ruddock. My wife rated the 1970s Philip Ruddock as 8/10, and the 2004 Philip Ruddock as 2/10.

An aside: Andrew Norton has looked the Australian Election Study, and reckons our results are all driven by bimbos voting for himbos.

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4 Responses to Dashed

  1. Kim says:

    Somewhere between the 1970s and now, he sold his soul to the devil, Andrew. Shows in the outward vampiric appearance!

  2. David Rubie says:

    C’mon Andrew, the attractiveness ratings must have been flawed. Any system that rated Bishop ahead of Plibersek has some obvious and glaring shortcomings.

  3. cba says:

    “My wife rated the 1970s Philip Ruddock as 8/10, and the 2004 Philip Ruddock as 2/10.”

    this is the web mate: post the before and after shots.

  4. derrida derider says:

    Yes, corruption comes from within and slowly works its way to the surface.

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