Mad props

Congratulations to Larvartus Prodeo and Tim Blair, Crikey blogs of the year. And if you want to vote for best Australian/New Zealand blog (contenders include John Quiggin, Tim Blair, Andrew Bartlett and Andrew Bolt), you’d better go here before Dec 15.

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4 Responses to Mad props

  1. Murtagh says:

    Larvartus Prodeo was not the sole winner of Best Blog. The award was shared with the brilliant Tim Blair.

    Even Larvatus Prodeo acknowledged that fact.

    I am sure your error was an uinintentional. Wasn’t it?

  2. Andrew Leigh says:

    Murtagh, it was indeed unintentional, and I’ve corrected the post. Thanks for picking up the error.

  3. Mork says:

    Mediocrity celebrating mediocrity!

  4. Thanks, Andrew.

    The most important point out of this, I think, is the one made by the Crikey judges. There’s so much good stuff and growth in the Ozblogosphere that it’s hard to pick a winner.

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