Apologies for the blog-hiatus. Moving house. Pregnant wife. Sunny days. All the regular excuses, really. Anyhow, I’m back at your service now. Thanks to my favourite commenters, who’ve kept on with a stimulating dialogue in my absence.

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2 Responses to Back

  1. Congratulations on many fronts.

    Look forward to sleep deprived posts and research on economics and raising children.

    I’ll send you a copy of my book, “Idolising Children” when it is released in March.

    Oh – and I owe you $50.

  2. Sinclair Davidson says:

    It’s a long way to the beach from Canberra. I, on the other hand, can see the bay from my study window and have taken the offspring there every evening for the last few days.

    Welcome back – hope new house is good.

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