My spam-blocker has been having some trouble lately, first catching a handful of legitimate comments (I see the same happened on John Quiggin’s site), and then allowing a couple of dozen to go through. Please bear with me on the latter (I normally delete them within a day), and if your comment doesn’t post immediately, please email me (the address is on my ANU website).

One solution to spam is to ask all blog commenters to register first, but I find myself that this is a pain, and I’m much less likely to post a comment on such sites. So I use Akismet, which catches nearly a thousand spam comments daily, but only allows me to rescue from the most recent 150. As a result, I only have a few hours to save a legitimate comment.

Incidentally, if you find yourself repeatedly blocked from commenting on wordpress blogs, you may need to email Akismet and asked to be taken off the blacklist (this happened to me last year).

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