A Century of Top Incomes

My coauthor Tony Atkinson is giving a talk at the ANU in a couple of weeks. Tony is a brilliant economist. And how often do you get to hear a knight talk about inequality?

Top Incomes over 100 Years: What can be learned about the determinants of income distribution?
Sir Tony Atkinson
Blaise Pascal Chair, Paris School of Economics
Friday, 16 February 2007, 4.30-6pm
Robertson Lecture Theatre, Building 46E, Biology Place, ANU

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2 Responses to A Century of Top Incomes

  1. He doesn’t have a bad name for his chair either I’ll wager.

  2. For Sydney-siders: Tony is also talking on 15 February at UNSW.

    On a related theme, Tim Smeeding from the US is talking about work and low income on the 19th. See http://www.sprc.unsw.edu.au for details.

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