Mind the Gap

My brother draws my attention to yet another superb Google tool, the Google Gapminder. It’s a compendium of data (I assume from the World Bank’s World Development Indicators) that shows differences across the world in incomes and 16 other social indicators. You can get it to plot one indicator against another, draw maps or play an animation showing trends since 1980.

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  1. derrida derider says:

    Its been in development for years – I remember playing with a beta in about 2002. I didn’t know the UN had taken it over as a branded product though – it used to belong to the Carolinska Institut, though they did acknowledge UN funding. But what’s with the 1980 limit? It used to do it from from the 19th Century, (using some of Angus Maddison’s stuff IIRC), just adding country years as data became available.

    But whatever, its a fabulous tool to play with – you can learn a lot.

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