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Of pioneers, pilgrims and parsnips

In today’s Australian, Paul Frijters and Tony Beatton take a swipe at my ‘double standards’ in talking about ethnic diversity. Andrew Norton is kind enough to defend me (doing a far better job than I would have done myself). In principle, … Continue reading

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Special Delivery

Our baby was due yesterday, and has not yet arrived. My head of department (who is also a mother of four) informed me with a smile that late arrival is positively correlated with bad teenage behaviour. On the other hand, missing … Continue reading

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You can bet on it

If you’ve been following the literature on the predictive power of election betting markets, you may have seen this graph, from  a paper based on data from the first 12 years of the Iowa Electronic Markets. The horizontal axis shows … Continue reading

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Around the blogs

Bryan Palmer presents evidence that Labor’s vote systematically declines from January onwards in an election year. Perhaps this is an extension of Andrew Norton’s mummy/daddy hypothesis. Voters trust Labor when they’re all happy and relaxed in January, but as Christmas … Continue reading

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Wetter cities, drier (but richer) rural areas

John Quiggin has a terrific CEDA report out today. From the executive summary: Replacing city water restrictions with higher prices in the long term will encourage people to invest in water-saving technologies, find other ways to use less water, and … Continue reading

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Roll Up, Roll Up

I’ve belatedly come across some discussion on Crikey and Simon Jackman’s blog about whether there is a big pool of Australians who are not on the electoral roll. Simon makes a persuasive case that a gap may be emerging, but … Continue reading

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Obama's In

Senator Barack Obama officially announced today that he’s running for President. My favourite paras from his speech. It was here, in Springfield, where I saw all that is America converge – farmers and teachers, businessmen and laborers, all of them … Continue reading

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