No pictures please, we're British academics

Perhaps concerned about the recent finding that more beautiful people do better in elections, the UK academics’ union (the University and College Union) has banned all candidates standing in their elections from campaigning with photos.

(Belated hat tip: Claire Donovan)

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2 Responses to No pictures please, we're British academics

  1. Sylvia Else says:

    Isn’t there a recognised gender bias as well? Best not include first names which give away the candidate’s gender.

    Then there is the issue of policies. The more a person is willing to lie, the better they can make their policies sound. Clearly, therefore, allowing candidates to make the policies known is detrimental to the democratic process, so all publication of policies should also be banned.

    And don’t get me started on the subconcious associations people make with surnames.


  2. parkos says:

    It is remarkable that Aussies do so well in Hollywood considering all that British Isles blood sloshing around in their veins. Must be some sort of gay preference for the convict punk lifestyle amongst prettyboys of 18th century.

    Reagan, Kennedy, Frank Nugan .. more likely to get shot at and or killed if pretty, elected and working against ?

    If you can put your photo on your blog without shame you probably dont blog at Catallaxy.

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