Can a US Prez be born in Oz?

My mother-in-law has alerted me to the fact that if I’m feeling especially ambitious for my son, I should be campaigning for John McCain to win the presidency. There’s presently some uncertainty over whether a ‘natural born citizen’ encompasses someone born in a US territory (like McCain) or born to a US parent in another country (like our son). So if McCain can do it…

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2 Responses to Can a US Prez be born in Oz?

  1. Yes…well at least his father can keep a close eye on the odds.

    Where does he stand at the moment for the 2050 election race?

    You parenting doesn’t seem to be effecting your blogging. I am impressed. Well done.

  2. Borofkin says:

    Ahhh, but is his blogging affecting his parenting?

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