Bet on Red

Midas Oracle’s Chris Masse responds to the Economist magazine’s call for innovative ideas (‘Project Red Stripe’), by suggesting that they give much more prominence to writing about interesting prediction markets, thereby encouraging more liquidity in the markets, and the development of new contracts and futures exchanges.

Brief Summary

Don’t spend any money on setting up a prediction exchange (betting exchange) designed only for The Economist subscribers. Instead, premiere a weekly webspot and column on socially relevant prediction markets (politics, business, finance, technology business, applied science, etc.) and quote widely the odds generated by any liquid exchanges.

Detailed Description

Don’t make any deal with any betting exchange in particular: just use your media power to highlight and publicize (and thus, reward) the (play-money or real-money) prediction exchanges that would have listened to your weekly bet proposals.

Monitor and report the market-generated forecasts. As Mike Linksvayer suggested, link each prediction market reporting (chart and odds) to a set of news articles and opinion pieces from The Economist. Suggest interesting event derivatives (in the form of very short, short or mid-term bets), and quote the odds generated by the prediction exchanges that accepted to float your proposed bets and that have liquidity —regardless of whether they use play money or real money, or where they are based.

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