Baby Talk Reprised

I’ll be giving a seminar next Tuesday (April 3), on the topic “Are Weekend Births More Dangerous?”. Regular blog readers will recall this as the talk that I was going to give on March 6, but which I then rudely cancelled in favour of an appendectomy.*

The seminar will run from 12.30-1.30pm, in seminar room D of the HC Coombs Building (map). As I mentioned last time, there won’t be a paper**, and the seminar will be off the record, since my coauthor Joshua Gans and I want to garner feedback on the research before making our findings public. But we’re super-keen to get comments on our identification strategy, so if you’re interested in the topic, please come along.

* Since you ask, the appendectomy was conducted on a Monday. The medical care I got that day was terrific, and far superior to my experience on the Sunday night, when a brand new nurse jabbed three of my veins attempting to insert an IV drip. Perhaps this was unrelated to the day of the week, but then again…

** Though if there was a paper, we’d be sure it didn’t have an appendix.

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2 Responses to Baby Talk Reprised

  1. Anthony says:

    “Though if there was a paper, we’d be sure it didn’t have an appendix”

    Ba-boom tish!

  2. Sinclair Davidson says:

    Be kind. the nurse was clearly excited to be meeting you.

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