Per Capita Acquires Human Capital

I posted last year on the fact that progressive thinktank Per Capita was searching for senior staff. One of the successful candidates just sent me a note to let me know the results.

Just a note to let you and your readers know that the new progressive think tank Per Capita, which I know you all took some interest in during December, has made executive appointments.
David Hetherington, who has worked in management consultancy, private firms and spent some time with IPPR in London, is our Executive Director, based in Sydney.
I am the Policy Director, to be based in Melbourne within a few weeks.  Some may know I’ve spent the last few years working in federal politics, as principal policy adviser to Kim Beazley and Mark Latham (as Troy McClure might have put it, you may know me from such concession speeches as … anyway you get the picture).
As you can imagine we are very excited about the work Per Capita has before it – doing some serious and progressive thinking about the future.  Watch this space!
Michael Cooney

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7 Responses to Per Capita Acquires Human Capital

  1. Daniel says:

    Do they have a website or anything else to trawl through yet?

  2. Michael says:

    Not yet – but soon!

  3. Daniel says:

    Looking forward to it Michael…

  4. I’m glad it is getting off the ground (as I look forward to debates with them), but key managerial staff based in different cities?

  5. Grant Fitzner says:

    Apologies for cross-posting. Michelle Grattan reports on the appointment of Hetherington and Cooney in today’s Age (6 April): New think tank to help swing ideas from right to left.

    I wish them luck – though let’s hope they both know how to use Skype!

  6. Ian Spooner says:

    AS appears on your other site – I hope PC opens itself to ideas and dialogue from those of us who are not academics but who do participate, innovate, influence and act in the world; the actual “movers and shakers”.

    How soon before we see a website and a “contact” button?

  7. Bannerman says:

    A brand new pond just waiting for ripples to be created. Success to you, PC. Bannerman eagerly awaits your online presence. Personally, I don’t think in this day and age, that domicile of heads of thought to be an issue in the least. Ever heard of VOiP?

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