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The job over the fold might be of interest to some of you econ-talking folk out there, particularly anyone who’s curious about the economics of spectrum management. The full-time equivalent salary range is in the vicinity of $54-83,000. Anyone who’s interested should email Michael.Poole AT

Literature Review – Economics of Spectrum Management
Employment Proposal
• Employment of a non-ongoing part-time employee in the Australian Communications and Media Authority between April 2007 and June 2007.
• Employment would be 2 or 3 days per week
• Place of employment either in the ACMA offices in Belconnen ACT or another place convenient to the employee
- If employed not at ACMA offices, regular weekly or fortnightly meetings at the ACMA offices in Canberra would be required
• Pay would be at the ACMA 5 to ACMA EL1 scale depending on skills and qualifications
• Literature review of the economics of spectrum management
- Survey of refereed academic journals and papers published by government regulators
- Identification and summary of the major papers in the field
- Only papers from 1960 to the present
• The output would be a paper summarising the major contributions to the field, outlining the major arguments
• ACMA staff could assist by identifying some papers as a starting point
• The employee could use the ACMA library staff, but would be expected to independently access sources of information
The Employee
• The employee is expected to be a post-graduate or final year honours student in economics at an Australian university
• Selection will be on the basis of:
- demonstrated expertise in economics
- demonstrated ability to write a substantial paper on an economic topic
- demonstrated ability to work independently and complete a task within strict deadlines

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  1. Matt Cowgill says:

    That salary ‘vicinity’ spans a pretty large range!!

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