Law and economics, at $150 per hour

It’s always puzzled me that law and economics is done so little in Australia, so it’s great to see my colleagues at the ANU Centre for Law and Economics organising a conference on the topic in Canberra on 1-2 June. Here’s the program, featuring some impressive economists, including Henry Ergas, Flavio Menezes and Russell Smyth.

Unfortunately, conference registration costs $1868 per person (or $1648 for earlybirds). I know that a lot of attendees will be from law firms and government agencies, but even so, I think they may have underestimated the price elasticity of demand for a 1.5-day conference.

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7 Responses to Law and economics, at $150 per hour

  1. derrida derider says:

    You’re spot on there. The sort of law firm that can afford that will not be interested – no tax-deductible junkets on the one hand and no information on how better to reduce their clients’ company tax bill on the other. And it will not be directly useful enough for government depts to be interested, at least at that price. A pity, because it really does look interesting.

  2. invig says:

    man i’ll be there!

    lawyers and economists in one place!!!!

    woo whee! i’d pay TWICE that seemingly-exorbitant fee

  3. yrg says:

    the cost is $1499 for full 2 days plus there are 20% discounts for academics backed up by group discounts.

    I see that group registrations can further reduce the investment. I have being to the venue and it is pretty good.

  4. Andrew Leigh says:

    yrg, that’s the ex-GST cost. But you’re right, the event is now 2 days rather than 1.5 days in duration (the program has been updated since I wrote my post).

  5. yrg says:


    I have just received a notification from LNS that states there are exclusive rates for academics and they are indeed very attractive. $450 for 2 days, thats a great bargain as I was thinking of attending even at the original price.

    Kudos to LNS, the diner is not included in this price but we can always take a walk to the nearest Pizza store!!!!

  6. Andrew Leigh says:

    Yes, I just got that too. Can I claim credit for the sudden price drop?

  7. yrg says:

    I called the organisers to register my interest. $450 is ex gst and also places are limited at these rates.

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