Australian Competition for DC scholarship (AC/DC)

The Woodrow Wilson Center is offering a $5000/month stipend to host Australian scholars for 2-4 months in their Washington DC offices. Here’s who they’re looking for:

This competition is open to men and women currently residing in Australia, or of Australian citizenship. Applications will be accepted from individuals in academia, business, journalism, government, law, and related professions. Candidates must be currently pursuing research on key public policy issues facing Australia, including U.S.-Australian relations and East Asian political, security, and economic issues.

Applicants must have the terminal degree in their field (for academics, this generally means a Ph.D., but other professions have different terminal degrees), and at least eight years of professional or research experience. Preferences will be given to applicants who have published scholarly books or substantial articles in academic or policy-related journals or newspapers.

More details on their website. [HT: Dan Andrews]

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2 Responses to Australian Competition for DC scholarship (AC/DC)

  1. invig says:

    damn…i’m only going to have a masters

  2. nick yates says:

    To anyone thinking about it, DO IT!! I was lucky enough to work there for a year in 2004 as an intern and absolutely loved it. the place is incredible and really lives up to its claim of being a forum for open discussion. Their Chairman, Lee Hamilton, is one of the better human beings you’ll ever meet.

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