The residents of [MailmergeField] are our highest priority

It doesn’t quite qualify as a cliche, but in browsing the budget documents, I did get a chuckle from the Department of Defence’s 33 identical media releases targeted at individual seats, all of which take the form:

The strong Defence presence in [ELECTORATE NAME] includes a range of both [ARMY/NAVY/AIRFORCE] units in and around [PLACE NAME].

The Australian Government through Defence will continue its strong support to the economy of [ELECTORATE NAME] based on a continuing significant military presence. The current military population of the electorate includes over [NUMBER] ADF members, Defence civilians and ADF cadets. Defence families form an integral part of the [ELECTORATE NAME] community.

The Government will continue to make an extensive financial contribution, of around [DOLLAR AMOUNT] million in 2007-08, to the funding of both Defence facilities and personnel serving in [ELECTORATE NAME]. In addition in 2007-08 a further [DOLLAR AMOUNT] million will be allocated for capital facilities funding.

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