Rudd Redux

Kevin Rudd this week announced a $69 million National Asian Languages and Studies in Australian Schools Program to promote the study of languages such as Japanese, Indonesian, Mandarin and Korean in high schools.

What he omitted to mention was that this announcement is in some sense the fulfillment of a 1994 report written by an ambitious young staffer to then Queensland Premier Wayne Goss. Formally known as Asian Languages and Australia’s Economic Future, it was colloquially termed “the Rudd Report”.

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3 Responses to Rudd Redux

  1. Panadawn says:

    Back to the Future!


  2. derrida derider says:

    Yes, and no doubt if you peruse the young Johnny Howard’s scribblings you’ll find something like Workchoices in it.

    The fact that it’s an old idea doesn’t necessarily make it a bad one.

  3. Andrew Leigh says:

    Did I imply it was a bad idea? Sorry, didn’t mean to give that impression. I think it’s great policy, and am impressed that he was able to follow through, 13 years after he put the ideas up in the first place.

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