There are no kangaroos in Austria…

…and now no emus in Germany, either. Dummkopfen.

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3 Responses to There are no kangaroos in Austria…

  1. Tim Worstall says:

    I had to read that twice….if it had been European Monetary Union (EMU) that they’d shot dead then I would be on the champagne by now.

  2. Peter Whiteford says:

    Australian wildlife are causing havoc worldwide:

    Possum knocks out entire region’s power
    7:55AM Friday May 25, 2007

    A possum on a Wairarapa powerline knocked out electricity to Masterton, Carterton, Greytown and Featherston last night, police said.

    The possum exploded after touching powerlines on Masterton’s Ngaumutawa Road, causing electricity to arc metres through the air to blow up a nearby water main.

    Police said technicians were rushing to return power to the region, and hoped to have it on by midnight.

    A police spokeswoman was unsure how many people were affected, or how widespread the blackout was.

    – NZPA

  3. Alban Thika says:

    I must say I am surprised to find out that in EU they did not have policies on how to treat these rare cases. Sincerely no offence for Aussies, but I would be interested to know how the Immigration Minister would have reacted on this matter, probably catch it at all cost and throw it in detention for five or six years, until they would have identified its origin where it came from and then deport it. At least that is what they are doing with human beings, who are “less harmful”.

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