Strange Days are These

Joshua Gans and I have written an article for the Melbourne Review (Melbourne Business School’s glossy magazine), summing up our half-dozen papers on unusual days in births and deaths. It’s received a bit of media coverage, which Joshua coyly posts.

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3 Responses to Strange Days are These

  1. Paul Frijters says:

    🙂 congrats. you guys certainly win the ‘Ozecon cute paper prize’. Indeed, should we call you the ‘cute couple’ and then ask you how you timed the release of these 6 babies?

  2. Rob Hyndman says:

    Any chance of you making the data available for others to analyse?

  3. Andrew Leigh says:

    Paul, unlike Australia’s babies, our births papers were disproportionately born on Sundays. The obstetrician in this case is the ANU media manager, Jane O’Dwyer.

    Rob, my preference is to put data and code on my website when the papers are published (only one of these is so far in a journal, so this may take some time!). However, in the case of daily births and deaths counts, the ABS has told us that we’re not permitted to distribute it to others (sometimes I think they forget that their role is to provide public goods). Drop me an email and I’ll give you what I can.

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