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Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Indigenous Crime

I’m organising an event on ‘Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Indigenous Crime’ at ANU on 28 May. Details over the fold. All welcome.

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Spot the Budget Cliche

With a deluge of budget replies competing for airtime and column inches, lobby groups and thinktanks are going to have to think fast if they hope to get their words picked up by the media. And for some, the need … Continue reading

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Around the econblogs

Mark Thoma reprints Hal Varian on why trying to outguess the sharemarket is a sucker’s game. Some useful ideas on giving an academic talk. Nicholas Gruen thinks Australian journalists could learn a thing or two from the NYT’s Allan Schwartz. … Continue reading

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Why gay neighbours should make you happy

A couple of weeks ago, Andrew Norton commented on a study by Vani Borooah and John Mangan, which used survey evidence to show that one quarter of Australians didn’t want gay people as neighbours. But if homeowners care most about their home … Continue reading

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Is calling a foul a black & white decision?

Justin Wolfers has a piece of research featured on the front page of the New York Times today. And it’s a very nice story. A coming paper by a University of Pennsylvania professor and a Cornell University graduate student says … Continue reading

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A stitch in time

Andrew Rotherham and Richard Whitmire offer a 9-point education plan to aspiring US Presidential candidates. Here it is: Don’t just attack No Child Left Behind. It has done a lot of good. For poor and minority kids, it’s their best … Continue reading

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Taxpaying Made Easy

I have a short piece in the latest issue of Agenda, the ANU economic policy journal, entitled “Taxpaying Made Easy“. Simply put, I argue that we can save a lot of Australians the bother of filling out an annual tax … Continue reading

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