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On the way back from my office to my apartment, I came across a line of people sitting on the sidewalk. Some reading, some playing checkers, some talking on cellphones, etc. Curious, I followed the line to the end of … Continue reading

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I’ve just arrived in the city so good they named it twice, where I’ll be visiting New York University for a month. With a four month old son, we approached the Australia-US flight with some trepidation. But as it turned out, he … Continue reading

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Rural Futures

On July 20-21, some of my more ethnographic colleagues are running an event on the topical topic of ‘Rural Futures in Developed Countries’. Details over the fold.

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What I've been reading

Murray Goot and Tim Rowse’s Divided Nation: Indigenous Australians in Australian Political Culture. Definitely the go-to book for anyone wanting to know what Australians think about Indigenous policy. Two facts that were new to me are that in 1965, 52% of Perth … Continue reading

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A Crisis, Definitely a Crisis

My friend Justin Wolfers emails an observation on the Indigenous policy initiative. I was just looking at the actual report that led to Howard’s actions with the aboriginal communities.  As I understand it, he is pushing these new policies based … Continue reading

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Censoring Centrefolds

While most of the recent commentary has been on the federal government’s health checks and alcohol bans, one of the more curious aspects is the pornography ban. So far as I know, there’s no convincing experimental evidence on the question of … Continue reading

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The performance isn't over till the thin man sings

In the latest issue of the Australian Education Union journal, research officer John Graham (who I knew quite well from NSW politics, funnily enough) has decided that it’s better to play the man than the ball. After discussing two of my … Continue reading

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