Tapping Good Researchers

It’s not often that people offer you their data to evaluate, but regular blog reader Kevin Cox is presently implementing an interesting scheme in the ACT called “Water Rewards”, and has generously offered to collaborate with economists interested in evaluating it.

If there is any economist or budding economist who would like to join us and look at the data we will get from our Water Rewards pilot then please contact me [AL: his blog is here]. One of the tasks I am going through at the moment is trying to design Water Rewards in such a way that we can measure the effect and prove one way or the other if it is as good as we expect.

Given that water is one of the hottest political topics in Australia at present, a good study on the topic is unlikely to meet with a lukewarm reception. If you’re really nice, Kevin might also share data from his Health Rewards and Transport Rewards schemes.

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2 Responses to Tapping Good Researchers

  1. Kevin Cox says:

    Thanks Andrew.

    My first task is to design the data collection system and what to collect. We have an extraordinary opportunity because we can not only collect lots of data about people (they are all volunteers and are likely to agree to the collection of data about their personal water habits and we will know what they spend their water rewards on:) but because we are building the system as a pilot we can change the system if we are not able to get the data we need and because we have volunteers we can even ask people to participate under different rules.

  2. If Kevin is stuck for a sucker then I could probably have a look at his data. What else is the use of an unemployed economist? 🙂

    Though I should warn that I’m one of those evil “free-market” economists that everybody hates so much.

    john.humphreys99 – at – gmail.com

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