It's the genocide, stupid

Aussie* Bec Hamilton has an op-ed in the Baltimore Sun, showing that young Americans regard Darfur as one of the most important foreign policy issues.

at 18 percent. Darfur had more than three times the support found for negotiating peace between Israel and Palestine (5 percent) or fighting the war on terrorism (5 percent).

She also highlights some of the ingenious tactics used in modern US politics.

And young voters translate their concern into effective action. In November 2005, established advocates found themselves unable to get the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Students took up the challenge. They went to to find committee Chairman Sen. Richard G. Lugar’s highest campaign contributors. They split up the contact information for these contributors among groups at college campuses nationwide. Donors soon received hundreds of calls asking them to press Senator Lugar to schedule the bill for markup. Two weeks later, the bill was released from committee and passed unanimously in the Senate.

But the best thing about the op-ed is its headline, which I’ve shamelessly stolen for the title of this post. 

* Or maybe New Zealander – or maybe both – I can never remember.

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  1. Patrick says:

    I think that’s a really good idea. Unfortunately EU national politics are far too murky to allow it to catch on there, but we could have a shot here.

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