The Next Ross Perot?

Last week I wrote about the congestion fee proposed by Republican mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg. Well, now it’s Independent Michael Bloomberg.

Doubtless plenty of Democrats are keen to fuel his ambitions to be President Bloomberg, though the prospect of a third-party right-wing candidate doesn’t seem to have noticeably lowered the Republicans’ Intrade odds yet.

Update, 24/6: According to Bob Herbert, my mistake was in focusing on Bloomberg’s party label:

As Chris Lehane, a Democratic political consultant, said this week in a reference to Mr. Bloomberg: “If you closed your eyes and you were told that someone was pro-public education, pro-choice, pro-immigration rights, pro-gun control, pro-civil rights, pro-gay rights and pro-women’s rights — you would be pretty happy if you were a Democrat.”

So whatever political banner he may be waving at any given time (he’s now calling himself an independent), Mr. Bloomberg is a Democrat. If he runs for president, he is far more likely to take votes from the Democratic nominee than the Republican one.

That’s why, for all the talk about the feuding between the Bloomberg and Giuliani camps, it’s the leading Democratic candidates who are the most unhappy about the possibility of a Bloomberg candidacy. A number of individuals close to Bill and Hillary Clinton said this week that a Bloomberg presidential run would have an especially harmful effect on Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, which, if anything, has been strengthening of late.

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4 Responses to The Next Ross Perot?

  1. Patrick says:

    What a wank.

    The next Ross Perot, except that Perot was interesting, had real ideas, and got about 5 times more votes than Nanny B will.

    Hillary will be D candidate with either Edwards or Obama as VP, and Giuliani will be R candidate with perhaps McCain as VP, although in theory you would like a much solider ‘conservative’ to complement Rudy.

    Of course, I wish Bill Richardson/Obama against F Thompson/Coburn, but let’s be real here.

  2. wmmbb says:

    And here is the man himself, via Brad DeLong and by way of you tube – the same medium that brings us Bill Richardson and Ron Paul from the Primary debates.

  3. Jason Soon says:

    I’m confused, is the above the left wing Patrick garson or the conservative Patrick? Perot had real ideas? The man was a protectionist crank. Just goes to show no correlation between business success and understanding in other areas. I like Bloomberg – a fiscally conservative socially liberal Republican – the best kind but sadly well depleted in the party.

  4. Patrick says:

    socially liberal?????

    Btw I am the conservative one – I didn’t say Perot’s ideas were any good, and I don’t recall anyone I knew voting for him 🙂

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