On the way back from my office to my apartment, I came across a line of people sitting on the sidewalk. Some reading, some playing checkers, some talking on cellphones, etc. Curious, I followed the line to the end of the block. It turned left, so I followed it to the next corner. A block later, the line turned left again. At this point, I had a hint that I was close to the end of the queue. Someone had attached to the fence that separated the queue from the rest of the footpath a handwritten sign:

Will sell my 17th 18th place in line. Must go to work.

Twenty yards on, I came to the head of the line: the Apple store. Turns out that nearly three blocks worth of New Yorkers are queuing to be among the first to buy an iPhone when they go on sale at 6pm tonight.

(Here’s what the local rag has to say about it.)

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7 Responses to iQueue

  1. phil says:

    Andrew – an “Antipodean perspective” would have called it a footpath, but as it actually happened in New York, sidewalk it is. **Bashes self, along with reflexive anti-Americanism, on head with hammer**

  2. Verdurous says:

    Umm…and…ah….mobile phones (not cellphones)…..and ah….metres (not yards)……Sorry Andy. Vive l’Australie.

  3. Andrew Leigh says:

    I was wondering if some of my favourite commenters would pick up on that 😉 Of course, if we were going all-American, we’d have to take out the word ‘queue’ too, but it didn’t read so well with ‘line’.

  4. Sacha says:

    At at the head of the line, you may be asked to “step down, please” to be served.

    I never understand why people buy the 1st edition of technology – they usually have problems and are much more expensive than later editions.

  5. Peter Fyfe says:

    To think there are some of us who woudn’t even accept a mobile phone as a gift… let along stand in a queue to get one.

  6. Panadawn says:

    That Sacha, and it is all last-gen technology, not 3G, so it is all but outdated already anyway.

  7. Panadawn says:

    Excellent article in Slate About what the iPhone really is – and that is not revolutionary.

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