I’ve just arrived in the city so good they named it twice, where I’ll be visiting New York University for a month. With a four month old son, we approached the Australia-US flight with some trepidation. But as it turned out, he was a delight – cooing happily at the airline hostesses, making friends with people around us, and sleeping for reasonably long stints. Here’s hoping he continues to be as good a traveller as he gets older. Moreover, thanks to his comely appearance (he gets his good looks from his mum), he and I got more than our fair share of smiles in the supermarket this morning.

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  1. Verdurous says:

    Brave, brave man.

    I’m far too scared to attempt such a long flight and my kids are older and probably more susceptible to bribery and distraction.

  2. funny, we just arrived in Sydney for a 7 week visit at USyd. Enjoy NYU/NYC. Where are they putting you up? Gorky Park is one of the many nicknames for the Washington Sq Village complex.

    This was trans-Pacific crossing #5 for my daughter, and #4 for my son; they are averaging the round trip slightly better than once a year. Its gets easier they get older. The jet-lag is the killer for the little ones. Plus the seasonal difference; really messes them up. And think of it this way: after you do long-haul with the kids, the quick 15,000 mile journey for a 3 day conference on your own becomes a breeze.

  3. Patrick says:

    Actually, when they are less than two years old I find they are delightful to travel with. After that they are big enough to actually stay awake on the plane 🙂

  4. You owe to yourself and your fellow passengers to drug your children on long-hauls… 🙂

  5. Patrick says:

    There is nothing more abhorrent I think! Anyone who cares to tell me that on a flight will get told to fuck right off quick smart.

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