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Fair Merit Pay Schemes, Part VI

Some neat new evidence from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, where they’ve just carried out a randomised field experiment on teacher merit pay. Teacher Incentives in Developing Countries: Experimental Evidence from India Karthik Muralidharan & Venkatesh Sundararaman Performance pay … Continue reading

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Choice, Information, and Charming Featherheads

US Edwonk Chester Finn visited Australia recently. Here are a few snippets from his letter from Oz. On one key issue, however, the parties are converging: Both now favor some sort of national academic standards, tests, and curriculum. (See here.) … Continue reading

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Howard's 18th Amendment

According to today’s press: Mr Howard said the Government’s intention was to “introduce widespread alcohol restrictions on Northern Territory Aboriginal land for six months”. The government is clearly right in noting that alcohol is a major contributor to Indigenous disadvantage. … Continue reading

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The formula for success?

Economists love technological explanations – for just about everything. Gender Roles and Technological Progress Stefania Albanesi & Claudia Olivetti Until the early decades of the 20th century, women spent more than 60% of their prime-age years either pregnant or nursing.  Since … Continue reading

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The Next Ross Perot?

Last week I wrote about the congestion fee proposed by Republican mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg. Well, now it’s Independent Michael Bloomberg. Doubtless plenty of Democrats are keen to fuel his ambitions to be President Bloomberg, though the prospect of … Continue reading

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Why bank economists get all the good TV slots

I mentioned a few weeks ago the essay “Life Among the Econ”. In the latest issue of Economic Papers, Alex Millmow and Jerry Courvisanos take up the theme, arguing that Australian academic economists should be less reticent when it comes … Continue reading

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A plethora of econ talks

The RSSS Economics seminar schedule for June-July is over the fold.

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