Web 2.0

I’ve come across two fascinating uses for the Internet recently.

  • My brother-in-law Russell Newman has been involved with a blog discussion of broadband policy by the 2nd-raking Democrat in the Senate, Dick Durbin. Dubbed Legislation 2.0, it’s hoped that the discussion will eventually lead to legislation.
  • My friend Susan Tynan works for a firm known as Revolution Health, which is working to provide more information to people about doctors, specialists and treatments. Every time I’ve used the Australian health system, I’ve been stunned at the lack of empirical evidence available about the success rates of different doctors (a topic Nicholas Gruen has written about in more detail). Revolution Health – and other companies like WebMD – may help to get a critical mass of doctor-raters, so these data are actually reliable.
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  1. Verdurous says:


    Surely information about doctors is only useful if people have a choice. (And only fair if there is equal power to choose health care providers). The public system specifically limits choice. For people in rural Australia, choice is severely limited. So information and league tables are not terribly relevant and may serve to damage confidence and damage doctor-patient relationships. The therapeutic relationship is critical to good health outcomes. It just ain’t the same as buying widgets. That’s my two bob’s worth (conflict of interest declared – I’m a medico!).

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