Summer votin', happens so fast…

SportingBet Australia is offering odds on when the federal election will be held. Their opening prices are below, with the favourite being Nov 24.

Any Saturday in August/September $26.00
October 6th     $15.00
October 13th     $9.50
October 20th     $7.50
October 27th     $7.50
November 3rd    $7.50
November 10th    $5.00
November 17th    $5.50
November 24th    $4.00
December 1st     $4.50
December 8th    $6.50
December 15th    $9.00
December 22nd    $15.00
December 29th    $21.00
Any Saturday in January or beyond $13.00

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1 Response to Summer votin', happens so fast…

  1. Rajat Sood says:

    I can’t believe they’re only giving $7.50 for Derby Day (Nov 3)! It gets many more people than the AFL Grand Final so any government that called an election then would raise considerable ire.

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