Of screenwriters and jockeys

Like John Quiggin, automatic news and google updates keep me informed of those who share my name. One is Los Angeles screenwriter Andrew Leigh, whose work is sufficiently close to mine that I was recently contacted by a US TV producer who had us confused. The other is Irish jockey Andrew Leigh, who is presently racing in Victoria. His work is a little more different. At 23 years of age, his profile states:

[Andrew Leigh’s] injuries include breaking both wrists in the same fall, fracturing right collar bone on three occasions and is just back riding after a dislocated thumb.

It’s useful to be reminded sometimes of how cushy your own job is.

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1 Response to Of screenwriters and jockeys

  1. Tony Hughes says:

    Yeah, having a common name can be interesting.

    In my case, for example, I share a name with a former Australian cyclist, an actor who played a lead role in the movie “Puberty Blues”, one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s murder victims, a journalist with the Fin Review (who is in a similar enough field that my in-laws have congratulated me for getting the front page) and a bunch of academics from a wide variety of fields.

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