Questions asked, questions unasked

For anyone curious about the kind of research that Australasian labour economists are doing, some of the papers and discussions from the recent Australasian Labour Econometrics Workshop in Wellington can be found here.

There’s only a dozen papers, but I’d be curious as to people’s views about the questions we’ve chosen to research.

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4 Responses to Questions asked, questions unasked

  1. Does that mean that australian labour economists don’t work on theory? 😉

  2. derrida derider says:

    IMO, yes. But hopefully when Chris Pissarides ( a theorist if ever there was one) visits at the end of the month it might stimulate a bit more interest.

    Mind you, it was the Labour Econometrics Workshop, which is not quite the same as labour economics. The Labour Market Research workshop may be a bit less data-bound.

  3. christine says:

    Given Bob Gregory’s talk was “Does the Balance of Our Labour Research Portfolio Seem Right?”, can’t you just tell us the answer?

    Seriously, some of the topics are quite interesting/a bit different (handedness, crime contagion), and others are more central (male labour supply, GE wages). Pretty good mix, I’d say. I notice there’s not any education stuff on the program, but that just seems to be the way it worked out this time round, I gather.

  4. Andrew Leigh says:

    Christine, that was indeed the title of Bob’s talk. And he began with a quip, saying “obviously, the answer must be no – the balance is never quite right”. Then he spent the rest of the talk on this paper.

    As to education, we had 3 papers at the last LEW that were ed-focused, so as you say, it’s merely a coincidence that it wasn’t on this year’s program.

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