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Gong for Gans

My frequent coauthor Joshua Gans has received an award for the best young economist in Australia. Last December, Joshua noted that he had just published his 100th paper. Given that the Economic Society award only goes to those aged under 40, … Continue reading

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Economic Exposition

For the last decade or two, ANU and the University of Western Australia have been running a conference for PhD students. As well as being a chance for final-year PhD students to present their work, it’s the closest thing that … Continue reading

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Shameless self-promotion

I am, apparently, one of the 100 blogs that every professional investor should read. From Dani Rodrik’s blog, I discover that among his list of 106 economist blogs, mine ranks 52nd. And within that group, I’m apparently 44th in terms of paper citations. … Continue reading

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When no news is good news

I’d been worried that spending the past two weeks out of Australia would mean missing a thrilling few opening weeks of the election campaign. But as far as I can tell from reading the news online, it’s been about the … Continue reading

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How's your school?

Kirsten Storry has a terrific oped in the Newcastle Herald (republished in Online Opinion). It concludes with her three-point wishlist regarding test scores: If the Australian Government or Opposition want to score a few points with information-starved parents in their … Continue reading

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Economics & Psychology

For anyone researching or teaching in the field of behavioural economics, Stefano DellaVigna has written the nicest summary paper of the literature that I’ve yet seen.

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Killer Economics Ideas

In the theme of economic imperialism, David Uren alerts me to this new paper from boundary-pushing Swiss economist Bruno Frey. The current draft is a bit terse (it probably needs to be 2-3 times as long to make its points fully), … Continue reading

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