Hot date?

According to a press release, Sportingbet has temporarily suspended betting on the election date, following rumours that the election might be called today. Before closing off the market, its latest odds were:

October 20th 5.00    
October 27th 3.75    
November 3rd 6.50    
November 10th 3.75    
November 17th 5.50    
November 24th 7.50    
December 1st 10.00    
December 8th 14.00    
December 15th 16.00    
December 22nd 41.00    
December 29th 26.00    
Any Saturday during January or beyond 51.00   

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2 Responses to Hot date?

  1. Sinclair Davidson says:

    If the PM left Sydney sudenly on his way to Canberra, we should think about this. I don’t like the PM would break with tradition and call an election without visiting the GG in Canberra (even if the GG were in Sydney).

  2. Sacha says:

    What if the GG said, “no”? (Apparently the NSW Governor refused a requrest by John Fahey for an early election in 1993, althugh that might have been because of the fixed term legislation, I don’t know).

    I half-expected tonight’s news being led by John calling the election and allowing Parliament to sit for a week.

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